My family (Myself Pam, my husband Chad and my oldest daughter Tori and youngest daughter Hadleigh and son, Hunter) live in a small town in Alabama (Roll TIde) and the proud owners of

Italian Mastiffs!

Our love for the Corso started almost 7 years ago with our first rescue Corso, Jabez (possibly the best behaved dog ever). We were looking for a great family pet and protector and we found it in the Cane Corso!!

I truely believe that consistent training is a lifetime family effort.

A Corso may not be for you if you do not plan to provide training and keep that training up for the life of your Corso. A Corso may not be for you if you can't stand slobber!!! They do drool.... some more than others.... A corso may not be for you if you cant stand hair inside your home as Corso's love to be with their people.  A Corso may not be for you if you are unable to provide quality care including a quality food. (please visit

However, for our family a corso was like a potato chip, cant have just one!

A Corso loves to be with their people at all times and will require "all of you"... if you are NOT willing or able to give that  please     





Jax Man

2016 Southern Grace Cane Corso

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I am Majestic... I am Noble...

I am a Protector... I am Affectionate...

I am Loyal & Faithful...

I am Keeper of my House!!!

I am Cane Corso!!!